Photography Tips

There’s no great blog without images right? I have to agree with that. Therefore you will need to take some great pictures. Not perfect, because I definitely cannot do that and I don’t have all the equipment like a pro. Just good enough so that your readers can tell what it is you are referring to.

As a mom, I decided to get a DSLR camera, just the lowest grade one, so that I can take decent pictures of my boys. My main issue was being able to capture them in action with my digital camera because the shutter speed wasn’t fast enough.

I’ve taken time to find some articles on tips to take better pictures. Just the basic things that I needed to know to take decent pictures. With that “class” down, I have seldomly fall upon a few tips/articles that help out with self-portraits. Why? Because as most of us know, you don’t always have a photographer handy to take pictures of you. For me, sometimes it would by my 5 year old son, but majority of the time, it’s the tripod and a self timer.

I am in ongoing battle with self-portraits because I just still don’t know how to really do… great, for lack of a better word.

Below are a few articles that I have found to help out.

5 Tips for Better Self Portraits from A Beautiful Mess Blog

7 Tips for Going Beyond the Basics from Digital Photography School

100 Seriously Cool Self-Portraits by Josh Johnson

Now that we got the feel for different view of photos, here are a few for how to pose. I am also on an ongoing battle for this as well. Hahaha.

How to Pose for Portraits on WikiHow

How to Achieve the Perfect Portrait Pose by Matt Taylor

This one is about what do “say” other than Cheese in pictures.

AEIOU by Ben Sasso

More to come as I journey down this road. If you have any tips, please feel free to add them or if you have a website or blog that I have not gotten to with great tips, please let me know.


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