The Host :: Got to finish


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The Host :: Got to finish

I’m going to reveal a secret about me – well, it’s not a secret, but it is to me since none of you, blog readers, know. :) I LOVE to read. It’s my way of getting some serene time once the boys are in bed.

Anyway, I’ve bought this book, oh… about 3 years ago and it’s been sitting in the trunk of my car since. Who would have thought that a movie was going to be made from this book?

I saw the previews for the movie a few weeks ago and I thought, “Hey, I have that book. It’s in the trunk. I should really started on it and get it done with before the movie comes out. Because as we all know, the book is always better than the movie. Right?

In addition to that, if I watch a movie before I read a book, I will never read the book. I have a constant “when did this happen in the movie?” conscience in the back of my head when I see a movie before I read a book. It’s happened to me twice and I have to say I really hated it. I just don’t enjoy the book like I do when I start fresh with no movies.

Any of you like that? What about the book itself; did you read it already? What do you think?



Skin :: Clean As A Canvas


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In every woman’s perfect world, they would want a clean face; no acne, blemishes, toned skin, not oily, not dry, you name it.

Well this is my “Perfect World” (get it, it’s the same as the product name), it’s been a journey to a clean canvas – my face. :)

In lieu of my post earlier this week, I’ve finally made the leap and purchased the full size products – worth every cent.

Skin Type: Combination

Step: 1
Checks & Balances – Frothy Face Wash
I literally use a dime size of this and it foams up (hence the frothy face wash under the name). A few pointers that I love about the face wash is:
a. It’s “frothy” so a dime size satisfies me
b. You can literally see the make-up come off so I know it’s doing the job I need it to do.
c. “Balances” the dry and oily spots around my face.

Step 2:
United State – Balancing Tonic
The name says it all. As Origin states, “Disunited dry and oily ares come comfortably together as one – refreshed, refined, rebalanced.”

I have redness right around my nose and after using this, I’ve noticed that the it’s disappearing. Granted it’s still there, but not as “inflamed”, and I use this term because I’ve always had the redness around my nose since I can remember, so I don’t really consider it inflammation because I’m not sensitive to products.

In addition, my skin is balanced and toned so I have more of a glow now. :)

Step 3:
A Perfect World – Serum
To prevent wrinkles and aging.

I don’t have much to say on this as I’m still young and can’t tell if there are changes, but it never hurts to prevent aging early on.

Step 4:
A Perfect World – Moisturizing Cream w/spf 25
With the face wash and toner, this moisturizing cream completes my regime and it works together as one.

This can also be found on my Beauty Finds/Staples page if you ever need to reference it.

Have you found your “Perfect World” regime? How long did it take you to get to that point?


Jewels :: Bling Bling


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Jewels :: Bling Bling

It has come to my attention, really the courtesy of my husband, that my cork board and push pin necklace holder is getting old and cannot uphold all my necklaces. Haha! Thank you very much hubby, it’s not like I didn’t notice.

With that said, I’ve gotten quite a few inspirations from Pinterest but I was curious if any of you have any other DIY projects that you would be willing to share with me. Although, I’m a very artistic person, I need this DIY project to be simple and inexpensive. My necklace holder sits on the wall on top of the dresser – that’s hidden in the closet. :) I’d also like to know if your DIY version held up to the weight of your necklaces or …?

DIY Necklace Holder idea?

Thanks for dropping in and I look forward to hearing about some great DIY projects.



Face :: Origins Cleaning Remedy


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Face :: Origins Cleaning Remedy

So lately (meaning last August), when I had turned 26, my skin has changed significantly. I started breaking out and my skin was as dull as ever. I thought it was all because of the new birth control I’ve been on (Depo, started in June 2012) so after my three months was up, I didn’t go back into my OB’s office to “replenish” in hopes that this would help clear up my breakouts.

6 months passed and I’m still breaking out like crazy. What could be the problem now? Age? I was obviously still using Noxzema as my face wash – since I was 14 years old – and just a standard moisturizing cream.

With that said, I thought I should give Origins a try. My girlfriend loves their products so why shouldn’t I? I did a bit of research and found out that all of Origins products are “Natural and certified organic ingredients and 100% natural essential oils. And formulated without parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oil, PABA, petrolatum, parrafin, DEA, and animal ingredients.”

WOW!! I was shock. Granted, I really only know what paraben is and I have no idea what the other stuff is. Haha! Though, I knew I had to give them a try. After all, I’m a beauty junkie.

A few days later, I dropped by the Origins counter at Macy’s all ready to buy a few products to try. As I gave my main points of concerns to the sales rep, she pointed out a few products that I should try out. THEN, she asked if I would like some samples.

**Whoa!!! Did I just hear that? FREE Samples to try?**

Of course, I couldn’t resist, I was ready to purchase a full size bottle, but to get a sample for FREE? Obviously, Origins is confident enough that their products will not only work, but that I will fall in love. And let me tell you what, I did fall in love. These three itty bitty samples I got lasted me for 1.5ish weeks.

I will be making another trip into Origins today on my way home to purchase the full-size products to see how much my skin really loves me within the next few weeks. I’ll update.

What’s more? I found out they do FREE Mini Facials. You don’t even have to be using Origins products and you can get a Free Mini Facial (definitely what I believe, don’t quote me on it). Haha! :)

Have a beautiful afternoon!