Beauty Finds/Staple

Hello, fellow blog readers, I know everyone has their main staple products/finds when it comes to beauty. Share with me what yours are and I will try it out to see if it will be come one of my staple products. Below, you will see what my favorite all time products are at the time.

Like many, I’ve come a long way to get here through trial and error.

Skin Care: Origins


Skin Type: Combination

Step: 1
Checks & Balances – Frothy Face Wash
I literally use a dime size of this and it foams up (hence the frothy face wash under the name). A few pointers that I love about the face wash is:
a. It’s “frothy” so a dime size satisfies me
b. You can literally see the make-up come off so I know it’s doing the job I need it to do.
c. “Balances” the dry and oily spots around my face.

Step 2:
United State – Balancing Tonic
The name says it all. As Origin states, “Disunited dry and oily ares come comfortably together as one – refreshed, refined, rebalanced.”

I have redness right around my nose and after using this, I’ve noticed that the it’s disappearing. Granted it’s still there, but not as “inflamed”, and I use this term because I’ve always had the redness around my nose since I can remember, so I don’t really consider it inflammation because I’m not sensitive to products.

In addition, my skin is balanced and toned so I have more of a glow now. :)

Step 3:
A Perfect World – Serum
To prevent wrinkles and aging.

I don’t have much to say on this as I’m still young and can’t tell if there are changes, but it never hurts to prevent aging early on.

Step 4:
A Perfect World – Moisturizing Cream w/spf 25
With the face wash and toner, this moisturizing cream completes my regime and it works together as one.

Base for my face: Bare Minerals

I’ve been a fan of Bare Minerals from the time they started in the infomercials until today and will be for a long time. As I hear, it’s a love/hate brand. Prior to Bare Minerals, I did not wear any foundation/powder so I’d have to say choosing Bare Minerals to be my first product was a hit.

Ready SPF 20 Foundation:
Works just as good as the original foundation, but I like this one better. Used with the precision face brush, I am able to get the coverage I need in certain areas.

Warmth All-Over-Face Color:
Do not use all over your face! Just in the areas you need. Keep in mind that a little bit goes a long way. You don’t want to look like you just walked out of a tanning salon. :)

Mineral Veil Hydrating (Original):
I use this to complete my look after I’ve put on all my make-up and everything stays on the entire day. No need to reapply. I also use the hydrating version because it gets pretty dry here in Colorado.

More to come as I finalize….


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