It’s All About Me

Hi, my name is Pachia Moua. I’m a fashionista, designer, baker, runner, biker (bicycling), and mother to 3 crazy/energetic boys and a loving husband. I have a Bachelor in Interior Design, but I’ve put my dreams on hold to start a family and will hopefully, sooner rather than later, pursue Interior Design when all three boys are in school and in dependent.

I am proud to call myself a native of the beautiful Colorado state – through all four seasons, and sometimes all in one day.

Step Out the Door Fabulous, came to me during my third pregnancy as I realized that I took for granted the times that I was not pregnant; wearing jeans, sandals and whatever top was at the front of my closet. Being pregnant, as some of you know, you are limited to the styles of clothing you wear and the amount of clothing pieces you have. One would definitely not want to spend a fortune on a new wardrobe that will be utilized for only a few months. As for me, my daily clothing staple consisted of 3 pairs of pants and about 6-8 different t-shirts.

Shortly thereafter my third pregnancy, I vowed to make a change; a Step Out the Door Fabulous change.


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