This summer, I’ve taken on a personal challenge to bike-to-work once a week (20 miles round trip). This is due to my inspiration from Colorado’s Bike-to-Work Day. Granted, Bike-to-Work day is much more inspirational and enjoyable because it’s a day to raise awareness about biking to work. There are “fun” stations along the way to help support bikers on their route to work.  Free samples from various companies and bike accessories are given to all who participate. This also means that it takes me twice as long to get to work compared to a typical bike-to-work day that does not involve celebrating “Bike-to-Work Day”.

On a typical, non-bike-to-work day celebration, it takes me about a good solid hour to get to and from work. If I could use a few words to explain my experience with the trip, it would be, Excruciatingly Painful and Relaxing. Weird right? I thought so as well. This thought usually pops up in my mind on my way home from work.

Biking to work in the morning is peaceful and relaxing as the sun is just beginning to rise and the weather, chilly. Biking back home from work, is excruciatingly painful as I usually want to hurry home and relax – a 10 mile ride home is not the best commuting alternative to be taking when my ultimate goal is to make it home, kick of the shoes, and pour myself a glass of wine.

Nevertheless, I make it to work and back in one extremely long day and the view is absolutely breathtaking. Who would have ever thought that this gorgeous view is simply 50 feet away from the main commuting road for cars? Not me. As the saying goes, I believe, “You never know what you can find in your own backyard. You just have to look for it”.

How often do you make it a point to bike to and from work every week and do you have the pleasure of enjoying some sort of beautiful view as I do?