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The Host :: Got to finish

I’m going to reveal a secret about me – well, it’s not a secret, but it is to me since none of you, blog readers, know. :) I LOVE to read. It’s my way of getting some serene time once the boys are in bed.

Anyway, I’ve bought this book, oh… about 3 years ago and it’s been sitting in the trunk of my car since. Who would have thought that a movie was going to be made from this book?

I saw the previews for the movie a few weeks ago and I thought, “Hey, I have that book. It’s in the trunk. I should really started on it and get it done with before the movie comes out. Because as we all know, the book is always better than the movie. Right?

In addition to that, if I watch a movie before I read a book, I will never read the book. I have a constant “when did this happen in the movie?” conscience in the back of my head when I see a movie before I read a book. It’s happened to me twice and I have to say I really hated it. I just don’t enjoy the book like I do when I start fresh with no movies.

Any of you like that? What about the book itself; did you read it already? What do you think?