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In every woman’s perfect world, they would want a clean face; no acne, blemishes, toned skin, not oily, not dry, you name it.

Well this is my “Perfect World” (get it, it’s the same as the product name), it’s been a journey to a clean canvas – my face. :)

In lieu of my post earlier this week, I’ve finally made the leap and purchased the full size products – worth every cent.

Skin Type: Combination

Step: 1
Checks & Balances – Frothy Face Wash
I literally use a dime size of this and it foams up (hence the frothy face wash under the name). A few pointers that I love about the face wash is:
a. It’s “frothy” so a dime size satisfies me
b. You can literally see the make-up come off so I know it’s doing the job I need it to do.
c. “Balances” the dry and oily spots around my face.

Step 2:
United State – Balancing Tonic
The name says it all. As Origin states, “Disunited dry and oily ares come comfortably together as one – refreshed, refined, rebalanced.”

I have redness right around my nose and after using this, I’ve noticed that the it’s disappearing. Granted it’s still there, but not as “inflamed”, and I use this term because I’ve always had the redness around my nose since I can remember, so I don’t really consider it inflammation because I’m not sensitive to products.

In addition, my skin is balanced and toned so I have more of a glow now. :)

Step 3:
A Perfect World – Serum
To prevent wrinkles and aging.

I don’t have much to say on this as I’m still young and can’t tell if there are changes, but it never hurts to prevent aging early on.

Step 4:
A Perfect World – Moisturizing Cream w/spf 25
With the face wash and toner, this moisturizing cream completes my regime and it works together as one.

This can also be found on my Beauty Finds/Staples page if you ever need to reference it.

Have you found your “Perfect World” regime? How long did it take you to get to that point?