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Jewels :: Bling Bling

It has come to my attention, really the courtesy of my husband, that my cork board and push pin necklace holder is getting old and cannot uphold all my necklaces. Haha! Thank you very much hubby, it’s not like I didn’t notice.

With that said, I’ve gotten quite a few inspirations from Pinterest but I was curious if any of you have any other DIY projects that you would be willing to share with me. Although, I’m a very artistic person, I need this DIY project to be simple and inexpensive. My necklace holder sits on the wall on top of the dresser – that’s hidden in the closet. :) I’d also like to know if your DIY version held up to the weight of your necklaces or …?

DIY Necklace Holder idea?

Thanks for dropping in and I look forward to hearing about some great DIY projects.