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As a mom of three boys and wife to a wonderful husband, I sometimes wish that I could have that one really awesome bucket list such as traveling around the world, skydiving, visit every state, live abroad for 2-4 years, go on a cruise etc. etc. , but I can’t and that’s perfectly fine with me.

I’ve been born and raised here in Colorado and never left. Granted, I’ve traveled to a few different states to visit family, but not for what you would call a REAL vacation. Sad life right? That’s what some can say. I love my life here in the beautiful Colorado and will most definitely be staying forever and ever. Everyone in my life is here in Colorado. Why would I move away?

With that being said, my current bucket list is something as simple as owning a Coach bag. Hey, it could even be a Coach wallet and I’d be happy, but it’s really the bag that’s on my bucket list.

The Kristen bag that I really want is this same one, but in the teal/aqua leather that everyone is raving about. Apparently there was only a limited qty for the teal and can no longer be found. Bummer!

Coach Kristen Elevated Satchel - Aqua

Coach Kristen Elevated Satchel (Aqua)

Do you have a simple bucket list such as mine? What is it? Maybe I can add it to my list.