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In lieu of my “Just Do It” motto that I’ve just picked up, I’ve started on this 30-day abs challenge yesterday and will keep everyone updated on my progress. I will post a before picture of myself when I get my camera back from the Auntie and Uncle that has borrowed it. :)

In addition, this has inspired my sister-in-law to work out and she wants me to join her. We are starting out slow and will be working out together this upcoming Saturday morning (our first “appointment”). I am so EXCITED. I finally have a work out buddy. If she gives me permission, I will post up her progress here along with mine as well.

Aside from the workout aspect, I’ve also been working on drinking and eating healthier. Green smoothies every morning on my commute to work; found here. Up above, a lemon, cucumber, and mint leaves detox water that I’ve been drinking throughout the work day (inspired by a pin on Pinterest).

Any further tips that you think will help me as I start out on this journey is greatly appreciated. Until next time.