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Happy Friday, blog readers, I want to first wish and send my prayers out to those who have lost their homes in the fires here in Colorado.

The other day – like 3 days ago :), I found a simple DIY colored sole inspired Louboutin heel here at FashionLushxx’s blog. I read it and thought “hmm, it’s simple enough and I’ve always wondered what else I could with my nail polishes”. Why? I don’t polish my nails enough to be utilizing the entire bottle, they usually go bad and I end up tossing them. This is one way to definitely use up that bottle of nail polish before it goes bad.

I read the DIY and did my own yesterday on my generic gold/bronze heels that I got from Target.

Although, I didn’t do exactly what was on the blog, I got the idea from there and did my own DIY. First I primed the shoe with a basic Base Coat. Then I topped it off with the Essie Raspberry polish. Set to dry. Wear at your hearts content.

Any other different DIY coloredĀ soles that you have tried? I’ve got plenty of heels that I can do this to so… let me know and I might just try it out.