Last night I made it home to find my Zara shoes waiting for me at the door. I’ve patiently opened the box up and tried them on. Unfortunately, they may not be the right fit and I am extremely bummed out. So back to the factory they might have to go (and I say might because I am going to really try it on and walk around the house in them tonight).

My feet have a love, hate relationship with size 5.5 and 6 shoes. It just all depends on the shoe. In this case, the I Basic Sandal is only available with size 6 as the smallest, so I thought (and hoped and wished) that they would work with me, but you all know that’s not true when it comes to your shoes. They have to fit right because it’s your feet that you’re walking on all day long with. :) I am not even sure if that makes sense.

Either way, I just wanted to keep you, blog reader, updated with my shoe dilemma at the moment. :)

Thanks for reading.