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Another way to portray your love for yourself. This takes great confidence because it’s a way to love yourself in a whole new light. Almost naked or even naked.

First, you’d need to be confident with yourself and your body, flaws and all.

Second, you’d need to be able to let your photographer be in the same room with you and your “sexiness”. :)

Third, if you can find the right photographer to capture your confidence and sexuality the way you see it, you’ll be satisfied with the end results. Who wouldn’t want to be?

Every woman is beautiful in her own way, you just have to have the right image to help YOU out. And I say this because no woman ever said they looked awesome with a picture that was captured with a phone. Granted, if you’re good you’ll probably get great pictures with the iPhone, but you get what I am saying.

Even I myself would have trouble in this category here. I love myself, don’t get me wrong, but to be doing Boudoir Photography, that is definitely a dare I will need to challenge myself with.

Here are a few pictures from an old high school friend who’s started up on Boudoir Photography [simple boudoir]. She specializes in wedding photography [Youa Photography], but my blog’s not about weddings so I am going to steer away from it. :)

In the words of the photographer herself: “Put on a little makeup, get in your favorite pair of lingerie (or not), and let go. Many times, individuals feel that there needs to be a special event, or that these kinds of photos are only done for their spouses or loved ones but forget that one can just do these sessions for themselves! Everyone needs to feel beautiful and sexy, Simple Boudoir is here to capture it tastefully.”

Youa does amazing photography and is one of the best in the Montana area. If you’re ever interested in a session, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with her.

Have you ever done Boudoir Photography or want to look into doing it? What do you think it takes?