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Hello World, I had a dr’s appt this morning and had some spare time before I went in so I headed to a nearby park and took some pictures. I was lucky enough to find a spot with plenty of shade. This is my first self portrait session in the morning and I am pretty surprise at how well the images turned out. Plus, I look refreshed because it’s the start of the morning and not late afternoon after I’ve gotten off work.

Here I am strolling along. :) Fortunately, the weather today is roughly 75 with a nice cool breeze. This is my first self portrait where I was able to capture a full body length. I am so proud of myself.

Here’s a close up of my bag and awesome watch/bracelet combo. I am a petite person and I always have trouble finding bracelet’s and bangles that will work with my wrist. In this case, any many, I’ve simply wrapped a Scunci head band around my wrist to spice up my watch. Pretty neat right? I am a sucker for inexpensive and creative ways to make a wardrobe better.

So here’s a close-up of my watch/bracelet combo in case the image above wasn’t good enough. :)

… and here is the my hairstyle from the back. I was meaning to locate the three buns at the nape of my neck, but that’s not how it turned out considering I do my own hair. I love the way the buns came out though, at a diagonal. As for the twist on the sides I usually do that for all my hairstyles because I have plenty of baby hair to  go around (you can tell can’t you? hahaha). The twist helps me out so that I don’t have to use a whole bunch of bobby pins to keep them up.

I can’t take full credit for my hair. You have to get inspirations from somewhere right? Well, mine came from my Pinterest board. The twist here and the buns here.

Last but not least, here I am enjoying the breeze before heading to the dr’s office and into work.

I am always on a lookout for hairstyles so if you have some that you love, let me know.

Thank you and enjoy the rest of your day.

Blouse/Shirt – Ross
Skinnies – Forever 21
Watch – Seiko – xmas gift fr my husband
Blue Headband as bracelet – Scunci
Shoes – Michael Kors
Bag – Style & Co
Shades – JLo