Happy late Memorial Weekend everyone. I trust that you had a fun and fulfilled weekend. I definitely did. We went camping/fishing and although the weather was hot and windy, I enjoyed spending time with my family and friends as we relaxed and took in the weather.

I was definitely not fashionable this weekend so I don’t have any pictures to put up :), but I wanted to talk about a deal that I got on Friday before heading out-of-town. I went to Plato’s Closet and got a dress that was from Banana Republic for a price of $15. $15, can you believe it? I sure as heck didn’t. The dress still had the $150 tag on it so obivously someone just purchased it and never wore it.

I was also able to get a scarf that’s from New York & Company for $4. That’s also a steal. I definitely walked out of the store feeling like I robbed…. clothing, for a lack of better word. I was going to say rob a joint, but I don’t think that’s the phrase I am looking for. hahaha.

I got to thinking that maybe some of you don’t know what Plato’s Closet is. Well, first of all, I want to mention that it’s probably not widely known, but the objective of the store is something that you will probably have in your state/town.

Plato’s Closet is like a thrift store except that when you bring in clothes, they expect them to be in fairly good condition, the store associate will give you about an hour and they will take a look through the clothes you bring to see if they want to accept the clothes. If they do, they will make you an offer. So in a way you a making some money off your unused, but still in great condition clothes. Plato’s Closet then resells the clothes. They also accept other items such as shoes, jewelry, bags etc. Now you got an idea of what the store entails.

Anyways, I would say if you have something like that where you are, definitely take advantage of it. You’ll be paying a bit more than the thrift store, but you know that you’ll be getting clothes that are up to date, not some 70’s clothing that someone decided they didn’t want anymore and dropped it off at a thrift store. I am not saying that thrift stores are horrible, I shop there too, just not much in the clothing section.

So there you have it. My awesome weekend with the family and friends and amazing deal at the store.

What have you gotten for a deal that you felt you robbed a joint for it? hahaha.