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Yesterday was a cloudy and rainy day. No matter what the weather is, I definitely enjoy it. Because it was raining yesterday, I didn’t get a chance to take pictures. I would love to take pictures in the rain one day, but that’s a story for a different time.

Today though, is a beautiful day. According to the meteorologist, it was supposed to rain today also, but I guess we got lucky. Not even a speck of cloud in the sky. I do have to say that it’s a bit windy and cold. My nose pretty much was on the verge of runny by the time I took a few pictures. I wrapped it up quickly and came inside.

This is my first self-portrait where you don’t see my face and I have to say… I LOVE IT!!! I will definitely try it out more often. Plus, I got a great shot of my awesome hair do. I look like I could be sporting a bridesmaid do. I am just missing the outfit. Hahaha.

I want to talk a bit about the necklace. I got it at Boheme Boutique when I decided to go to mall, an hour away from home. I walked passed the store front and absolutely fell in love. Like majority of boutiques, this one had clothing and jewelry that was unique and different. I was lucky enough to find this necklace in the clearance section. I didn’t know what the final cost was, but I knew I had to have it. In conclusion, the hour trip was definitely worth it. Hahaha.

Because my nose was runny by the time I took a few shots, I didn’t have time for a close-up of my necklace. Next time when the weather is warmer and I can stand it, I will take a closer shot of the necklace.

Enjoy the rest of your day and Happy Early Friday.

Necklace – Boheme Boutique
Shirt – Ross – Bought forever ago, I don’t remember
Skinny Jeans – Forever 21
Watch – Seiko – gift from my wonderful husband for x-mas 5 yrs ago