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Happy Tuesday to everyone. The weather today is extremely hot and I have to thank the fact that I’m in an air conditioned place. My work place doesn’t have a dress code so I’ve gone casual today. Pretty weird right? Since I was in what I could call business clothing this past Friday.

Although my workplace does not have a dress code, I am in some sort of heel about 3-4 times a week. I do have to say, some weeks when I definitely don’t feel like wearing heels at all, it’s flats for the entire week.

Here’s my outfit for the day, taken by my awesome Photographer (my 5 year old son) when I got home. The “photoshoot” took place in our lovely, but dead backyard. Hahaha. I am stating that it’s dead, because we have no grass what-so-ever.

This is way back in the depths of the backyard with the broken fence. You can see into the greenery next door.

Here’s one by the side of the house. You can see I am in front of the fenced door.

Close up of my necklace combo…

and my toned down version of Dorthy’s red shoes that I am confident enough to wear to work. AND hey, I just noticed that I am standing on a brick “road”. It’s definitely now yellow, but it works. Hahaha.

I have to note that these shoes were definitely not comfortable at all when I first got them and I dreaded trying to break them in. I understand that majority of the shoes that are purchased (at least for me) will need to be broken into before you can actually claim they are comfortable. I have a few shoes that were comfortable from the moment they left the store so I now – kind of – expect it for all my shoes. :)

Blue Flowy Shirt – Forever 21 – purchased about 1yr ago
Blue/Teal Tank under Blue Flowy Shirt – Gap – purchased about 1yr ago
Blue Denim Skinny Jeans – Forever 21 – purchased about 1yr ago, you can still get them
Red Dorthy Shoes – Charlotte Russe – purchased about 1yr ago